Glossary - A

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A function available on both quartz and mechanical watches or clocks which produces an audible tone or vibration at a predefined time to alert the wearer of an event. Timepieces can feature multiple alarms.  For a selection of items with an alarm, click HERE.

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Analogue Watch Dial

A watch which uses physical hands to display the time, rather than an LCD or other display. 

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Automatic Watch Movement

An automatic watch operates in a different way to a quartz regulated watch.  The power comes from an internal main spring which in the case of an automatic, is powered by movement.  Usually the watch needs to be worn most if not everyday, although some can run for several days without the need for winding.  If the watch is allowed to stop it will require resetting to the current time, any other complications will require resetting too.  One of the downsides in our modern hectic lifestyles is that automatic watches rely on older watch technology and are not as accurate as the more modern quartz movements, despite this, whilst quartz watches are more common, automatic watches are still very popular.  To see a selection of automatic watches, click HERE.